3 Easy Habits for Network Marketing


Simple, Logical, and Easy to Understand and Implement

Learn how to create 3 simple habits that will help you be more successful in your network marketing business. 

Authors: Keith and Tom Schreiter

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Let our subconscious mind build our network marketing business. How? Through the power of automatic habits.

"How do I start my network marketing business? What should I do first? How do I make consistent progress? What if I don’t know what to do?"

These are questions we ask when we start our network marketing business. What we need is a ...

magic pill!

Creating three simple habits is that magic pill.

Tying our shoes, brushing our teeth, and driving the same route every day - all are habits. So why can’t we create three automatic habits that effortlessly move us to network marketing success? Well, we can.

Every new distributor needs habits. Every experienced leader needs habits. When our team has habits that build consistently, we can push our business into momentum.

Now, instead of using the weak willpower of our conscious mind, let’s use the huge and automatic forces in our subconscious minds to achieve the success we want.

In this book we will learn how to:

1. Create simple, automatic habits.

2. Use three rejection-free habits that anyone can do.

3. Repeat.

Here is our chance to use habits to create a powerful stream of activity in our network marketing business. Consistent, automatic activity in the right direction = momentum.

Start your team off right with these three powerful habits.

Make their success inevitable.

Order your copy now!

  1. Kimberly - Didn't start reading until 6/2018Jul 28, 2018 11:56 AM

    Oh my goodness! I misplaced this gem after the Going Green 2017 Convention! I am not any avid reader but this is one book I don't put down over two days ! I am creating the habit of 10 minutes - 30 minutes self development a day. This book is so helpful in doing so. I can't give it's true rating as I am not finished but keeping my attention itself gets a 4 . This is obviously a very smart investment ,that as an IBO we can claim business experience . I encourage all new or stuck to read this book ! Be Blessed Y'All!

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